Burlap Candle Sleeve

I recently bought this large lantern for our patio and was perplexed on what to place in it. It needed two large candles but after some research the two candles were four times as much as what I paid for the lantern!Then I remembered that I had two battery operated candles that I could use.
After placing them in the lantern, I realized they are much too small,too busy and just the wrong color. So I decided to make a sleeve out of burlap to make the candles tall and change the color. I cut two pieces about 1" and 4" longer than the top of the candle and then hand sewed up the side.
The burlap added a little height and color to the lantern, but it still needed something a little more. My husband suggested a little bit of twine to add some interest!
I think that it helped lighten up the color a bit and added a little more texture. 
Now I just need to stay outside late enough to turn them on!


  1. What a fabulous idea !! I love the texture of burlap ... and, the height you gave your candles is perfect in your awesome new lantern. *Becca* (your newest follower)


  2. Great idea! I have a few battery candles and I just love them. They are so useful. Your "new" candles now look amazing. The perfect accent for your fabulous lantern.

  3. Love the idea! Burlap and twine just the needed touch! Visiting from Coastal Charm NTT!!

  4. Perfect transformation and it looks perfect with your lantern. Straight out of Pottery Barn! Thanks for sharing at this week's BFF Open House!


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