I Think I Can Make That for Less Jewelry

I look at every piece of jewelry and think I can make it some how, but once I start dissecting the process and the parts it doesn't turn out that way. It usually is far more involved than my skills will allow or the materials are cost more if I had bought the finished product. Until this weekend when I actually created something less than if I had bought it.
I found this on www.jewelrysaga.com and you can buy them in bulk and they are a leather twist with shell accent. I decided to use braided leather pieces that I split my self using a very dangerous but effective stripper.
I had a large piece of this leather embossed with Alligator print (cost= $0) and stripped it into numerous pieces.
Then I clipped it to my lap desk and braided a piece about 18" long.
Next I knotted,glued and crimped the ends so that I could add my trinkets ($1.00) and buttons ($.50).
Finished off with a Lobster clasp ($.50) and it was done.
Not and exact replica, but close. It was so easy to make that I made another one with leftover coins ($1.00) from an Estate Sale find.
Now I can honestly say that I made something for less or for $2.00!
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  1. That's frugal!! Thanks so much for sharing at the Kiss & Tell party over at I Gotta Create!


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