Winter Snowball Wreath

There is something about Yarn Pom Poms that makes me very nostalgic. I remember making them as a child with washers from my Father's tool bench.
And after making them for Elf hats, it made me want to make more since they are fun,easy and somewhat like Snowballs.
I started with just a few things I had in my craft room.
Some white and green yarn, MDF Wreath form (not used for Christmas) and some cardboard.
Next I cut the cardboard in to 2",3" and 4" wide rectangles and cut a split line half way to the center of each size.
Next I cut and inserted a piece of yarn about folded about 12 inches long in to the split and then started to wrapping yarn around the a cardboard.
Once this is done, I tied the 12 inch yarn around the wrapped yarn and tied a lose knot. I then started to cut along the top and pull the knot tighter. Once the top was done, I cut the bottom and slowly pulled it off the cardboard. I kept tightening the knot and making sure no yard came lose. Once I completed one, I continued to make 15-16 more since I wasn't sure how they would all lay out on the wreath form.
  I laid them out in a random fashion since I wanted it look not planned or symmetrical. I took a photo of it so i could remember what it looked like so I could tie the pom poms on correctly
This is the back of the wreath. Using the ties from the poms, I secured them to the wreath by using a knot.
Then it was done, but I felt it needed a little help.
 First I tried Silver Snowflakes, they looked okay but a little contrived
Then I thought a winter scene with wooden house and sprig of winter berries, still not exactly what I wanted.
Then I hung on the door with a ribbon and white Snowflakes.. Getting close but not perfect.
Then just one Snowflake. 
Now that is a Perfect Snowball Winter Wreath!


  1. Your wreath is so very pretty, Janet! I love the colors and the hint of sparkle with the snowflake.

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!


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